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The best-selling Pump Powder™ helps individuals achieve effortless texture and a natural matte finish within minutes. This product is perfect for the individual who does not want to deal with the mess of pomade, gel, paste, or other sticky hair products.

TEXTURE and VOLUME - Designed to create maximum separation and depth in textured haircuts. When you used the product it will give you volume and fullness to the hair. Visually it creates a very dry matte finish.
UNIQUE - Minor Details Pump Powder is one of its kind. Not like other messy hair gels that get all over your hands or sprays that leave you feeling sticking. It's easy to use without being messy and the best part is it leaves you looking amazing!
"DIRECTIONS - Apply to hair that is completely dry. Short to medium length hair should take 2-3 pumps. Longer lengths may need additional product. Apply on top of the hair then work the product in with your hands down to the hair root. Womens hair may need pumps underneath to add volume. "
LONG LASTING - Our powder is not like other hair products that lose hold throughout the day. The powder will remain workable in your hair up to 2-3 days or until shampooed.
PROFESSIONAL - Minor Details Pump Powder is used by professional barbers and hair stylist throughout the whole country. You can have that same product in your own home!


  • 4g/0.14oz
    Medium-Strong Hold
    Natural, Matte Finish
    Great for Texture, Volume, and Lift
    Works for Men and Women

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